To ensure your security and privacy we implemented to following measures.

1. We don't store logins or passwords

If you registered with your Google, Gsuite, Outlook, Exchange or iCloud account - Calbot will not store your email, login or password. To log you in we will use tokens from each of these services. We also don't store or transfer your login tokens for security purposes.

2. We don't store your calendar data or contacts

This sacrifices the speed at which we find the best time for a meeting (although we still think it's lightning fast), but it's more secure that way because your data always stays on your servers.

3. We can't "see" your event data

To schedule a meeting we make a PULL request to your calendar every time you or someone else wants to schedule a meeting with you. When we receive that data - we only see the times when you are free or busy. We don't process event titles, descriptions, attached files, etc and so no user of Calbot, including the Calbot team themselves, can see that data.